Summer Brunch Menu

A summer brunch menu featuring easy finger foods and recipes using in-season fruits and vegetables. Find recipes for quiche, fruit, and muffins.

Summer means enjoying the foods that are currently in season. Fruits and vegetables taste best if you can buy them from a local farmers market. Don’t stress yourself out looking for that perfect fruit if it is not available or not in season. There are plenty of choices and here are some easy ideas to get you started. Choose one from each area below for a well-rounded meal.

This summer brunch menu is quite versatile. You can pick and choose how much or how little you want to make depending on how many guests you are expecting.

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A Summer Brunch Menu

Main Course Selections

Quiche – This quiche is made with flaked crab meat, eggs, Swiss cheese, green onion, and evaporated milk.

Deviled Eggs – A classic deviled egg recipe made with hard-cooked eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and paprika.

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Cheddar Baked Egg Casserole – A colorful baked egg recipe with bits of red bell pepper and green onion.

Chicken Salad – A tasty combination of savory and sweet combined with apples, cranberries, celery, and pecans.

Fruit Selections

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips – This takes a bit to prepare, but it is the best. It is great for all ages.

Fresh Fruit and Dip – Choose fruit in season like kiwi fruit, mango, star fruit, and orange slices. Serve with your favorite fruit dips.

Fruit Pizza – A fun cookie dough crust topped with your favorite fruits. Definitely a winner.

Vegetable Selections

Raw Veggies and Dip – Fill a plate with crisp baby carrots, sliced of avocado, red, green, and yellow pepper slices and bite sized pieces of cauliflower.

Veggie Pizza – It is made with crescent roll dough, a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, and ranch salad dressing, and topped with chopped vegetables and cheese.

Cucumber Sandwiches – Crisp fresh cucumbers on cocktail rye bread dusted with a bit of dill weed. One of my favorites!

Corn Salad Recipe – It is made with baby corn, green and red pepper, onion, celery, mayonnaise, and ranch dressing and topped with corn chips.

Dessert Selections

Blueberry Coffee Cake – A fun dessert treat that can be made with fresh blueberries or canned pie filling.

Strawberry Bread – A light and refreshing quick bread that also doubles as a dessert.

Beverage Selections

Mimosa – Classic Champagne and orange juice with a splash of Grand Mariner.

Bloody Mary – A brunch favorite. Tomato juice, seasonings, and a garnish of your favorite vegetable.

Sangria – An easy sangria recipe made with orange juice, lemon juice, dry red wine, and club soda.

Bellini Cocktail – It is made with peach nectar, peach schnapps, and a dry sparkling wine.

And of course coffee, tea, milk, and orange juice.

Dessert Selections

Lemon Tea Biscuits– These are a bit of work, but these light and delicate cookies look beautiful on a brunch buffet or served for a tea party.

Sugar Cookies – A classic homemade treat for any time of year.

Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches

Spice Cookies

Orange Coconut Tea Cookies

Previous Comments

“I am always looking for new recipes and cant wait to try these.” – Mary-Ann E.

“Nice.” – Chef James

“Having a brunch at my church and looking for ideas. I have some things going to make such as pancakes, sausages, veggies, hash browns, fruit salad, spinach salad, quiche, ham, desserts, punch, muffins, and coffee/tea. Looking at my list this looks like what I only need. Open for suggestions.” – Sweet Celebrations Cafe’

“I am going to try some of these recipes for a Sunday family brunch at the lake.” – Eleanor S.

“I will try the blueberry muffins today and let you know how good they are!” – Bev Trachuk

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