How to Reheat Leftover Waffles

reheat leftover waffles

Did your favorite waffle recipe make more waffles than your family could eat? Learn how to freeze and reheat leftover waffles so you can enjoy them later. One of the interesting things about making waffles is when they are hot off the griddle, you can’t seem to make them fast enough to satisfy everyone around … Read more

Waffle Maker Buying Guide

Waffle Maker Buying Guide

Buying a waffle maker can be a daunting task. Find tips on how to choose a new waffle maker, signs your waffle iron needs replacing, and product recommendations in this waffle maker buying guide. Can’t remember the last time you made your favorite waffle recipes for breakfast or brunch? If you are having trouble getting … Read more

Grandma’s Homemade Waffles

grandma's homemade waffles

This recipe for Grandma’s homemade waffles is made with eggs, sugar, milk, and butter. Whipped egg whites make these waffles light, delicate, and fluffy. Serve for breakfast or brunch with real dairy butter and maple syrup. If your have been searching for waffles like Grandma used to make, try this delicious recipe that was made … Read more