How To Make Waffles For A Large Group

Making waffles for a large group soon? You may be wondering how your waffle iron will keep up with making a large number of waffles for your hungry guests! Learn tips and techniques for serving breakfast or brunch to a large group of friends or family and you want to be able to all sit down to eat at the table at once.

Tips and Ideas for Making Waffles:

  • When making waffles for a large group, make sure to close the lid of the waffle iron right away after taking each one out, so the surfaces can stay up to the appropriate temperature. This will make you be able to cook them faster and keep up with your hungry family or guests.
  • As each waffle is finished, cool them slightly to let some of the steam escape on a wire baking rack, in a single layer. Do not place them on a towel or solid surface, or they will start becoming soggy and limp.
  • To keep the waffles warm and crisp them even further, place them in a 200F degree oven for no longer than 15-20 minutes or they will become dry. The waffles need to be in a single layer, directly on the wire oven rack. Please do not stack them or the steam from each waffle will make them become soggy.
  • If you feel you cannot keep up with making your waffle recipe, start serving waffles to the kids first. Have someone else help them put the butter and syrup on. Then invite another two people to sit down, and so on until everyone is served. Have someone else help get the rest of the food on the table.
  • Another idea is to buy a second waffle maker and keep both going at the same time. You can also purchase waffle irons or waffle makers that make 4 and 6 waffles all at once. This can be a good investment if you cook waffles for four or more people on a regular basis.
  • Above all, if you are going to be making waffles for a crowd, relax, take your time and enjoy yourself.

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