Brunch Recipe Ideas

brunch recipe ideas

Looking for special brunch recipe ideas? Search quick and easy recipes and brunch menu ideas for pancakes, waffles, breakfast casseroles, muffins, and more.

If you are eager to get together with friends, but can’t seem to work out an evening to go out to dinner, why not invite them over for a weekend brunch instead?

Having your own food party or get-together is more relaxed and less formal in most cases than going out to eat. Have your guests bring a dish to pass and add to the variety.

When planning your menu, try for a mix of sweet and savory recipes. After all, getting to try a variety of foods is what great eating is all about!

Sometimes coming up with new ideas and menu combinations can be daunting when you don’t know where to begin.

Whether you are planning a menu for a few close friends or for a crowd, these recipes will give you a good mix of flavors and food textures.

Need some ideas to help you come up with a yummy Sunday brunch? Find a fun variety of menu ideas to get you started including recipes for eggs, pancakes, breakfast casseroles and more.

Use this listing as a starting point to individual recipes. It is handy if you are searching for something to make using a certain ingredient.

Brunch Recipe Ideas for a Great Meal

crab quiche recipe Quick and easy quiche recipes made with spinach, cheese, mushrooms, hamburger, and more.

Quiche Recipes



breakfast casserole recipe Make-ahead breakfast casseroles for when you need an easy make-ahead recipe for guests.

Breakfast Casseroles



scrambled egg breakfast sandwich Egg recipes for a variety of tastes including baked eggs, deviled eggs, and more.

Egg Recipes



fried potatoes and ham A selection of savory potato side dishes to serve with eggs, casseroles, and meats.

Brunch Potatoes



stuffed bell peppers Vegetable side dishes for a savory meal including green bean casserole and more.

Vegetable Recipes



spaghetti pasta salad A savory selection of cold pasta and vegetable salads for brunch.

Salad Recipes



Buttermilk Banana Bread Quick bread recipes including banana breads, cranberry and date breads.

Quick Bread Recipes



blueberry coffee cake Quick and easy coffee cake recipes made with your favorite fruits and toppings.

Coffee Cake Recipes



homemade blueberry muffins A nice variety of muffins including chocolate, bran, banana, and chocolate chip.

Muffin Recipes



scones Homemade recipes for cranberry, cream, cheddar, and apricot scones.

Scone Recipes


There’s plenty more brunch recipes around. These are just a few links to get you started. Just scroll down the left column to find what you are looking for or use the convenient search boxes located at the bottom of the page and also the top left column of the page.






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