Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake

cinnamon sugar coffee cake recipe

An easy old-fashioned cinnamon sugar coffee cake made with fresh buttermilk, eggs, and butter and sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar topping. Serve this cake for breakfast or brunch with a spoonful of caramel sauce on the side. This is a quick and easy recipe for brunch or breakfast with only about 15 minutes prep time … Read more

Easy Caramel Sauce Recipe

easy caramel sauce recipe

An easy caramel sauce recipe including variations for cinnamon, coffee, and brandy caramel sauce. Serve over ice cream or your favorite dessert like bread pudding. What’s better than chocolate sauce on ice cream? Caramel sauce! Below is an easy caramel sauce recipe and a few variations to tempt your taste buds. Try cinnamon caramel sauce, … Read more