Decadent Dessert Sauces With Liqueur

dessert sauces with liqueur - raspberry liqueur hot fudge sauce

Want to dress up a dessert for a special occasion or dinner party? Try these dessert sauces with liqueur and wow your guests.

It is truly amazing there are so many flavors and types of dessert sauces available these days. Just a subtle hint of flavor from a wine or alcohol, along with the sweetness of chocolate and vanilla make them that something extra special that will have your guests and family asking for seconds on dessert.

A liquor is a distilled alcoholic beverage that has been made into a mash and fermented. Brandy, whiskey, and rum are just a few of the many types available.

A liqueur is a sweeter alcoholic beverage that is made by taking spirits such as brandy, rum and whiskey and adding additional flavorings such as fruits and spices. They usually have a slightly higher alcohol content. Examples include Grand Mariner and Kahlua.

Certain flavors of liquors and liqueurs can be quite complementary to some of the favorite dessert sauce and ice cream topping flavors.

Dessert Sauces With Liqueur

raspberry liqueur hot fudge sauceRaspberry Liqueur Hot Fudge Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen has the wonderful aroma and smoothness of chocolate along with a hint of warmth brought on by the raspberry liqueur that is added in.


bourbon pecan caramel sauceBourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen is a rich smooth caramel sauce, with fresh pecans and a hint of smooth barrel-aged bourbon. Outstanding!


spiced rum butterscotch sauceSpiced Rum Butterscotch Sauce. Rum and caramel or butterscotch just seems to be a great match, like this Spiced rum butterscotch sauce.


Amaretto and Champagne Flavored Jams

Some newer flavors of jam include raspberry peach champagne jam and peach amaretto jam. Each can be an outstanding complement to many different desserts and wonderful for brunch or on toast.

raspberry peach champagne jamRaspberry Peach Champagne Jam A combination of sweet peaches, fresh raspberries, and a bit of champagne for an added pop


peach amaretto jamPeach Amaretto Jam Smooth Amaretto balances perfectly with sweet ripened peaches in this unique and tasty jam.





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