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Old-Fashioned Dessert Cookbooks

apple cobblerA collection of dessert cookbooks from Bear Wallow Books with recipes for old-fashioned desserts, cookies, homemade ice cream, Christmas, and holiday celebrations.

Find recipes for bread pudding, desserts, ice cream, celebrations, and homemade cookies, along with special treats for any occasion.

Bake decadent delights just like those you remember from your childhood.

These cookbooks make a wonderful gift for those special people in your life that love to cook.

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Cookie Recipes CookbookCookie Cookbook

Who doesn’t like a homemade cookie? This is about as complete of an old-fashioned cookie collection as you can get. There are 67 authentic old recipes that are delicious reminders of our heritage.

There are also pages with complete instructions on how to make a gingerbread house. This recipe book also includes a brief history of the origins of cookies.

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Celebrations Recipes CookbookCelebrations and Holidays Cookbook

The celebrations we have here in America are very much about bringing people together. Good food is a large part of your family and community.

The recipes in this cookbook highlight some of the wonderful foods that accompanied bigger celebrations such as Christmas, New Year’s and Easter, as well as work gatherings, camp meetings, weddings and funerals.

Notes are provided from Conner Prairie Museum and give a historical perspective on some of these early American holidays and celebrations.

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Christmas Recipes CookbookChristmas Cookbook

Christmas brings to mind home baked breads and cookies. They are delicious to eat and even better to give as a gift. This collection of Christmas recipes is put together especially for the holiday seasons with good cheer in mind.

These are timeless recipes that you may remember from your own holiday gatherings and perhaps a few new ones to try.

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Ice Cream Recipes CookbookIce Cream Cookbook

Learning to make old-fashioned homemade ice cream is not as hard as it seems. The recipes in this cookbook are clear and easy to understand. Many of the recipes do not even require an ice cream maker. If you love homemade ice cream, you won’t be disappointed in the large variety of recipes in this cookbook dedicated to ice cream.

These old-fashioned ice cream recipes are just what you remember from your childhood.

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