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Old-Fashioned Christmas Recipes Cookbook

Christmas Recipes CookbookA Christmas recipes cookbook from Bear Wallow Books with old-fashioned recipes for traditional holiday foods. Find homemade treats for holiday breads, cookies, puddings, candies, cakes, and beverages. Want to get back to having a bit more tradition in Christmas? These recipes are a good start for creating a great traditional holiday gathering.

Christmas brings to mind home baked breads and cookies. They are delicious to eat and even better to give as a gift. This Christmas recipes collection is put together especially for the holiday seasons with good cheer in mind. These are timeless recipes that you may remember from your own holiday gatherings and perhaps a few new ones to try.

The 78 recipes in this book contain delicious treats for quick breads, cookies, Christmas puddings, Christmas candies, Christmas cakes, wassail and holiday punch. This cookbook also contains a bit of early American history related to Christmas foods and how they have been passed down through the generations.

Here are a few of the titles from this Christmas recipes cookbook.

Breads for Gift Giving: Cranberry bread, pumpkin cider bread, oatmeal fruit bread, Christmas morning bread, nutty cinnamon breakfast bread, persimmon pudding bread, marmalade bread, apricot nut bread, plus many others.

Great Granny’s Cookie Jar:  Molasses crinkles, Swedish Christmas crescents, anise cookies, pioneer sugar cookies, pfeffernusse, marshmallow fudgies, butterscotch squares, spritz cookies, chocolate macaroons, and more.

Christmas Puddings:  Steamed cranberry pudding with honey sauce, steamed plum pudding with hard sauce, baked Indian pudding, eight treasures rice pudding, steamed persimmon pudding with hard sauce, holiday walnut souffle with lemon drizzle, and many more.

Christmas Candies:  Granny’s ginger gems, butterscotch drops, honey rum balls, maple syrup squares, chocolate caramels, old-fashioned pull taffy, pralines, sea foam, candied pecans, and many more.

Christmas Cakes:  Eliza’s hickory nut cake, velvety red Christmas cake, spicy banana New Year’s cake, persimmon fruit cake, mincemeat tea cake, and white fruit cake.

Wassail and Christmas Punch: Spicy holiday tea, hot cranberry punch, cranberry-orange punch bowl, Thomas Jefferson’s silky hot chocolate, orange eggnog cream, hot spiced cider, and cider punch.

Old-Fashioned Christmas Recipes Cookbook

Christmas Recipes Cookbook

  • This 32-page softcover paperback cookbook measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.
  • All recipes in these cookbooks are in US equivalents (cups, pounds, ounces).
  • Take your pick and order a few different titles. They are a nice item to have on hand when you need a last minute shower or wedding gift.

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