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Cherry Coffee Cake

Cherry coffee cake is made with sweet cherry pie filling, sugar, egg whites, butter, and milk and finished with a crumb topping. Serve for brunch, breakfast, or dessert. Try this delicious cherry coffee cake recipe for breakfast or brunch this weekend and enjoy the compliments! Whipped egg whites give the coffee cake volume and keeps […]


Raspberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Braid With Vanilla Glaze

A raspberry cream cheese breakfast braid made with raspberry preserves, pastry dough and drizzled with a vanilla glaze. Serve for brunch or dessert. You can also find more dessert ideas here. Oh my! This is a recipe that has been a family favorite for more than 30 years. It was originally posted in a Garden […]


Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake

An easy old-fashioned cinnamon sugar coffee cake made with fresh buttermilk, eggs, and butter and sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar topping. Serve this cake for breakfast or brunch with a spoonful of caramel sauce on the side. You can also find more recipes for coffee cakes here on this page. This is a quick and […]


Crumb Coffee Cake

This tender crumb coffee cake is made with eggs, milk, butter, and sugar and has a sugar crumb crust. Serve for breakfast or brunch. You can also find more coffee cake recipes like this crumb coffee cake on this page here. This is just a delicious coffee cake recipe that is wonderful to eat on […]


Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake

An easy peaches and cream coffee cake recipe made with vanilla pudding, sliced peaches and cream cheese and topped with sugar, cinnamon, and chopped nuts. Serve this coffee cake with coffee for breakfast, brunch or an afternoon treat. You can also find more coffee cake recipes here. This coffee cake recipe could quickly become one […]


Old-Fashioned Peach Cobbler

An old-fashioned peach cobbler recipe made with fresh or canned peaches and surrounded by a moist cake. This makes a fun and easy dessert for any occasion. Serve it warm and top it with a dollop of whipped cream for a treat. You can also find more recipe ideas for coffeecakes and such here. With […]


Blueberry Coffee Cake

A blueberry coffee cake recipe made with butter, sugar, eggs, and milk, blueberry pie filling, and a butter crumb topping. Serve for breakfast or brunch. You can find more coffee cake recipes here. Long past it seems are the days where you would get invited over to a neighbor’s house for coffee and cake in […]

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