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Old-Fashioned Cake Recipes Cookbook

Cake Recipes CookbookAn old-fashioned cake recipes cookbook for homemade goodies like angel food, chiffon, sponge cake, cheesecake, and homemade frosting from Bear Wallow Books.

Cakes and cheesecakes have always been a nice way to enjoy the company of a friend or neighbor, along with coffee or tea. Most friends and family won’t turn down a piece of homemade cake or cheesecake if offered. These recipes have been around for years and are just too good to not be made.

These are tried and tested old-fashioned recipes just like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to make. If you are looking to recreate some of the delicious desserts of the past while keeping them authentic, the recipes in this cookbook are a great place to start.

So many of the desserts of yesteryear involve simple ingredients that you normally have stocked in your pantry. You just used what you had in the house as not many could afford to buy expensive ingredients.

This cookbook makes a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple, someone that loves to cook, or someone just starting out on their own.

This cake cookbook is 32 pages, soft cover, and contains recipes for white and yellow cakes, chocolate cakes, spice and fruit cakes, angel, chiffon, and sponge cakes, pound cakes, frosting recipes, and baked cheesecake recipes.

Here are a sampling of recipe titles from this cake recipes cookbook.

White and Yellow Cakes:  White buttermilk cake, velvet cake, honey cake, Boston cream pie, vanilla cream cake, coconut cake, plus others.

Chocolate Cakes: Fudge, red velvet, chocolate walnut, chocolate sauerkraut, Mississippi mud, chocolate applesauce,
Sour Cream Chocolate, and chocolate spice.

Spice Cakes:  Spice nut cake, eggless, milkless, butterless cake, burnt sugar, blackberry jam, maple syrup, Pennsylvania Dutch crumb, and others.

Fruit and Nut Cakes:  Carrot Cake, hummingbird, Bourbon fruit, butter pecan, lemon loaf, and more.

Angel, Chiffon and Sponge Cakes:  Angel food, sponge, chiffon, Daffodil, and other variations.

Pound Cakes: Sour cream, brown sugar, cream cheese, and others.

Frosting Recipes:  Three minute frosting, butter cream frosting, maple fluff frosting, caramel frosting, butter pecan frosting, brown sugar frosting, and many more.

Cheesecakes:  Plain cheesecake, Italian cheesecake, fudge truffle cheesecake, Lindy’s New York cheesecake, praline cheesecake, and others.

Old-Fashioned Cake Recipes Cookbook

Cake Recipes cookbook

  • This 32-page softcover paperback cookbook measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.
  • All recipes in these cookbooks are in US equivalents (cups, pounds, ounces).
  • Take your pick and order a few different titles. They are a nice item to have on hand when you need a last minute shower or wedding gift.

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