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Old-Fashioned Baking Cookbooks

Old-Fashioned Candy, Pie, Cake, and Chocolate Recipes

Cheesecake and DessertA collection of baking cookbooks from Bear Wallow Books that include old-fashioned recipes for homemade candies, pies, cakes, and chocolate.

When the holidays approach, thoughts of baking homemade pies, hand-dipped chocolates, and homemade candies come to mind.

There are so many wonderful recipes, how can you ever choose? Most of us go back to the traditional recipes we remember from our childhood.

The recipes in these cookbooks have those childhood recipes. Try your hand at making your own pie or layer cake for that special occasion or finally learn how to make those homemade candies.

There are 65-75 or so recipes in each of these baking cookbooks. An outstanding value for the price.

Candy Recipes CookbookCandy Cookbook

These old-fashioned candy recipes will take you back to your childhood. Learn to make the candies you remember, like Vermont Maple Creams, Peanut Brittle, Spiced Pecans and Saltwater Taffy. If you have ever been tempted to try you hand at making homemade candies, this old-Fashioned Candy recipe cookbook is just what you need.

Usually thought of as an area of cooking and baking that is hard to learn, these clear concise instructions, candy making tips, and tried and tested candy recipes will make your journey into making your favorite homemade candies much easier. Click on the link or photo for a list of recipes.

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Pie Recipes CookbookPie Cookbook

This old-Fashioned Pie Recipes cookbook includes recipes for fruit pies, nut pies, sweet pies, and meat and vegetable pies. Also includes recipes for pie crusts and hints for making a meringue topping. If it just isn’t dessert without pie, this cookbook contains some time tested vintage recipes for all the favorites you remember from your childhood.

Find recipes for the all time favorite fruit pies like apple, raisin, and lemon meringue, and also recipes for sweet pies like butterscotch, Southern mud pie, and banana cream pie. There is also a nice selection of pie recipes using nuts like pecan, peanut butter and fudge nut.

Includes savory pie recipes including mincemeat, shepherd’s pie, and green onion pie. Click on the photo or link for more information on this baking cookbook.

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Cake and Cheesecake Recipes CookbookCake and Cheesecake Cookbook

Cakes and cheesecakes have always been a nice way to enjoy the company of a friend or neighbor, along with coffee or tea.

Most friends and family won’t turn down a piece of homemade cake or cheesecake if offered.

These cake and cheesecake recipes have been around for years and are just too good to not be made. Click on the link or the photo to learn more.

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Chocolate Recipes CookbookChocolate Cookbook

These old-fashioned chocolate recipes will take you back to your childhood. Find recipes for such chocolaty delights as chocolate macaroons, chocolate cookies and brownies, chocolate nougat cake, frosting recipes, chocolate caramels and of course chocolate fudge recipes!

There is also quite a few pages describing the history of chocolate as well as explanations of chocolate terms and equipment.

Click on the link or photo for a list of recipes in this chocolate baking cookbook.

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Southern and Peach Recipes CookbookSouthern and Peach Recipes Cookbook

Southern Recipes and cooking are known to be flavorful, rich tasting, and just downright good. This collection of 65 old-fashioned Southern Recipes captures some of the best food of the South that has been enjoyed for centuries.

There are also historical notes sprinkled into the cookbook relating to histories of some of the recipes. The peach recipes included in this cookbook are some of the best that the South has to offer.

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