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Old-Fashioned Apple Recipes Cookbook

Apple Recipes CookbookThis old-fashioned apple recipes cookbook from Bear Wallow Books contains 73 old-fashioned apple recipes for pies, fritters, waffles, side dishes, cakes, cookies, salads, and desserts.

Bring back memories from the past with hotcakes, pork chops, butter cake, spice cake, Waldorf salad and more recipes with fresh apples.

All of the recipes in the book are made with apples so you won’t run out of ideas when fall hits and you have more of them than you know what to do with.

Some folks are lucky enough to have an apple tree in their yard or a neighbor who has graciously given you a bucket of apples.

If you have ever found yourself in that situation, the task of preparing all the fruit can be a bit overwhelming.

This cookbook comes in handy when you have too many of a good thing. Pass along some memories with some of the great fresh apple recipes of the past.

This cookbook also provides a quick and easy reference guide for choosing the best apples for baking, cooking, and eating, along with some interesting tips for using apples.

Here are just a few of the recipe titles found inside:

Pies: Caramel apple pie, apple streusel, apple butter, apple custard, cran-apple, and apple meringue.

Breakfast:  Apple cinnamon hotcakes, apple filled waffles, apple buttermilk bread, fritters, waffles, and cornbread.

Casseroles and Sides:  Applesauce pork chops, curried apple chicken, apple stuffing, stewed apples, cabbage apple casserole, fried apples, and onions, homemade apple butter, and fried green apples.

Cakes and Cookies:  Apple butter cake with caramel icing, honey apple cake, dried apple cake, applesauce cake, cider cake, apple butter cookies, and spice cake.

Salads and Soups:  Waldorf Salad, cool creamy apple soup, spiced apple salad, tangy apple salad, apple lemon aspic, and apple cheese soup.

Apple Dessert Recipes:  Baked apple dumplings, apple sponge pudding, apple kuchen, bread pudding, Indian pudding, apple custard supreme, and apple strudel.

Old-Fashioned Apple Recipes Cookbook

Apple Recipes Cookbook

  • This 32-page softcover paperback cookbook measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.
  • All recipes in these cookbooks are in US equivalents (cups, pounds, ounces).
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